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About Wind Dizzy.


Wind Dizzy, otherwise known as Suzanna Young Everett, took her name from an unexplained phenomenon that strikes her in times of the Santa Anas--strong, extremely dry offshore winds that characteristically sweep through Southern California.  In her song titled “Wind Dizzy,” she sings, “It’s all I can do to keep from going crazy /... / Here I am again / So Wind Dizzy...”  

Soon everyone will be “going crazy” for Wind Dizzy.


Suzanna's songs can best be described as smartly metaphoric and often comical wit put to catchy, hum-along tunes and breakaway hooks.  Brash and bold poetry, fused with raw emotion and a facetious play with words, redefine the traditional themes of love and relationships, while contemplative lyrics tell a fresh, brand new story every time.

Her sultry, sexy voice and clever harmonies introduce an innovative fusion of sounds, backed up by a tasty mix of Experimental Rock, IndiePop, Folktronica, with new wave overtones. Wind Dizzy is a visionary collage that might be identified as its own genre of music, perhaps best summed up as "IndiePopTronica."  At times dark and stormy, and others light and airy, Young’s scores sweep us into a dizzying whirlwind of captivating and mellifluous entertainment.


Humming her first original tune in the bathtub at age three, this Santa Barbara native began classical music training learning piano basics and playing violin in the elementary school orchestra with now opera star Nina Yoshida.  She was one of the youngest students at the Santa Barbara Music and Arts Conservatory (MAC), a program for gifted and talented students, where she specialized in the creative writing program with Santa Barbara Poet Laureate Perie Longo. Through her association with MAC, Young was asked to sing back-up vocals on a professional album, which was to be her debut studio performance. 


Young has since enjoyed much solo success in the studio, producing her own brand of songs such as “Cigarette” and “Another Week or So.”  Both earned Honorable Mention accolades from VH1’s Song of the Year contest.  A VH1 music marketing supervisor commented on “Another Week Or So:  “The melodies were playful.  The music pushes you forward, inward, outward and through various layers of sounds, while the vocals bring out the passion and energy in the song.”

Young participated as a First Soprano with the Santa Barbara Choral Society and the University of Michigan, where she majored in Creative Writing and Spanish.  Furthering her training with courses from Berklee College of Music in Boston, Young grew increasingly inspired to set her poetry to music and is now emerging onto the music scene with rampant vitality.

More recent projects (2018-present) include instrumental compositions designed for film and television, including her investigative tension cues, that will put you on the edge of your seat, screaming at your favorite detective, "Don't open the door!"  You'll be curling up with all the blankets in the house as your spine chills to the bone with her ominous instrumental catalog.  But just when you think you can't take any more tension, the artist eases your mind, body, and soul with the deeply relaxing music of Auric Zephyr, her musical alter ego.  If Wind Dizzy puts you in a tailspin of emotions and excitement, Auric Zephyr ("auric" meaning "of the ears" or "one's energetic field" and "zephyr" referring to a calm westerly breeze) will mollify you into deep relaxation and bliss.  

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