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"Blood Roses"

The 2015 release of Wind Dizzy's debut album, "Blood Roses," brings us an eclectic ensemble of Alternative Rock, in a Tori Amos meets Siouxsie and the Banshees way.


Why the title "Blood Roses?"  Each song on this album contains elements of soft, wispy silky elegance...with jagged thorny edges that are sure to stick with you.  They embody all the stages of traditional romance: from insatiable lust ("Cigarette," "Paling Sun," and "Werewolf Lover") to  the insecurity of newfound love ("Another Week Or So"); releasing one's baggage to be properly present in a relationship ("Plumber"); to the heartache of being misunderstood ("Far Away") and of betrayal ("What Are Roses For") and the realization that things must end ("The Bus").  They celebrate empowerment of moving on ("Over You") as much as they rejoice in the comfort of finding oneself as an individual in coupledom, embracing the full evolution of a solid, long lasting love ("Love's Evolution"). 


I am pleased to present my first official album to you, "Blood Roses."




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